Glen Breton Alexander Keith's 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

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700ml - 43% Alc/vol

Introducing Glen Breton Alexander Keith's 18 year old Canadian single malt whisky- 700ml, 43% Alc/vol.

Eighteen years ago, Glenora distilled several batches of Alexander Keith’s IPA, placed it in bourbon oak barrels and tucked it away in a dark corner of a warehouse in the magical hills of Cape Breton.

After 18 years of quietly maturing, it garnered a wonderful taste of malted barley that was enhanced by the spring waters and apple trees scattered throughout Glenora’s property.  The end result is a whisky with soft notes of maple cream, butterscotch, and a rounded lingering light applewood finish.

As with Alexander Keith's IPA, those who like it, will like it a lot.



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    Keith’s 18 Year Old Whiskey

    Posted by Dave Smith on 2021 May 10th

    Purchased as a gift for a Family Member in Ontario by Special Request. Was extremely easy to order a on-line and the delivery was Fast and Painless. Would highly recommend this Product and Company.

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    Fantasticly Smooth

    Posted by Jason Legacy on 2021 May 10th

    I have been a fan of Glen Breton for several years (and being from Ontario, it is rare to see their product in the LCBO - But thankfully I found out they deliver to Ontario) Firstly, the delivery was quick, I received it in 4 days. Secondly, this bottling does not disappoint. As a fan of AK and GB, I was excited for this marriage. Perfect for a nice relaxing evening, it is a unique and smooth dram.

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    One of a Kind

    Posted by Dave Reid on 2021 May 10th

    Just fantastic. I wish you could buy this all year long, but all good things must come to an end

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    Glen Breton Alexander Keith's 18 year old single malt whisky

    Posted by Jo-Anne Galloway on 2021 May 10th

    This is likely the most unique whisky I have ever had. There was a slight "beery" smell to it when I opened the bottle. I bought bottles for two other family members who live out west and we enjoyed our first tastes together over an on-line connection. We were all simply delighted with the unique flavour. "Unique" is the best word to describe it and that is unique in the best possible way. I could feel and taste a wee bit of butterscotch and honey on my lips after I sipped. I had no idea that the marriage of that beer and this particular whisky could be so delicious. I only took a chance because I have had excellent experiences with everything of yours I have ever tried. You didn't let me down.

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    Glen Breton Alexander Keith's 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

    Posted by Jean & Rudy on 2021 May 8th

    Thrilled to have been able to purchase first batch bottles. Smooth and soft on the palate. Very enjoyable. Great job!!

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    Keith's whisky

    Posted by Unknown on 2021 May 7th

    Great tasting whisky, exceptionally smooth. Was so good that after my first drink I ordered one for my father.

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    Glen Breton Alexander Keith's 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

    Posted by Roger Lalonde on 2021 May 5th

    Great whisky. Flavors and aromas pretty close to description on the bottle. I found a surprisingly enjoyable hint of honey as opposed to the described butterscotch. But hey, every palate is different. Fair value for this bottle. debating purchasing a 2nd bottle, you know, in case of emergencies...

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    Posted by Joseph Power on 2021 May 5th

    Great idea

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    I found this product to have a rich aroma with a refreshing smooth flavor. I highly recommend this product for a special occasion or just a relaxing evening at home.

    Posted by Ronald ALLEN Langevin on 2021 May 4th

    I'm turely enjoying this amazing product.

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    Glen Breton Alexander Keith single malt whiskey

    Posted by Lisa Harder on 2021 May 4th

    Very nice. A gift well received and enjoyed.

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    Posted by Jeff Jones on 2021 May 4th


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    It is so very smooth!!!!

    Posted by Dorothy Creelman on 2021 May 4th

    This is one of the smoothest I have every had

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