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Is Jack Daniels a Single Malt Whisky?

Is Jack Daniels a Single Malt Whisky?

If you are new to the world of whisky, you may be a little bit overwhelmed by all of the options that are available to you. From Bourbon to Scotch, there are many different types of whisky. You then have the likes of double and single malt. It can all get a little bit confusing but don’t panic, as we’ve got the answers for you.

Jack Daniels is one of the most well-known whisky brands in the world. But is it a single malt whisky? And, what does that even mean? A lot of people assume that single malt means that the whisky must be the product of a single barrel or batch of whisky. This is not the case.  ‘Single’ actually refers to the product being from a single distillery. In terms of single malt, we are talking about the grain used; the grain needs to be exclusively barley.

As a consequence, Jack Daniels is not a single malt, as the process involves using at least 51 percent corn, as well as a mixture of wheat and barley. Jack Daniels uses charcoal mellowing, which is a process whereby the whisky is drained through 10 feet of maple sugar charcoal. The American White Oak barrels are also new, as American law states they cannot use seasoned ones.

A smooth drink with strong hints of vanilla, burnt caramel, and berries, Jack Daniels is a popular choice for many whisky drinkers, but it is not a single malt.

2021 Jul 9th

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