North America's Oldest Single Malt

Store FAQ







  • Where do you ship?  Orders can be shipped within Canada.  For USA shipments, please click here.


  • Where can I buy Glen Breton in the U.S.A?  You can order online here. Alternatively, please see this link to find a list of distributors and stores. 


  • How will I know if my order has been shipped?    You will receive an email from our automated system when a shipping label has been created for your order.  This email will include your tracking number.



  • How long will it take to receive my order?         Items usually ship within a few days.  You can expect delivery in approximately 7 - 14 days from date of shipping.


  • What happens if there is damage to my shipment?        Our items are packaged with great care and we have had very few issues with breakage or damage.  If you have any issues, please contact us and we will make it right.


  • I have a question about my order.  Who do I call?       You may reach us by email at or 902-468-6516 (corporate office).


  • I am sending a gift and want to surprise the recipient.  Do your boxes have your name and logo on them?  Will the box have the cost of the item inside?   Our boxes do not usually have our name printed on the side but do have the name Glenora on the mailing label.  We do not usually place a receipt in the box but can put a note inside if you request it.  If we notice that the "Bill to" and "Ship to" addresses/addressee are different we will put a packing list in the box so the recipient will know who sent them the order.


  • We would like to create a corporate gift or whisky with our own logo or brand.  Is that something Glenora Distillery can do?      Yes!  We have done many private label bottlings.  See this link for more information and Contact us for more information.


  • Do you sell used whisky barrels?      Yes, we sell our used barrels when available.  Contact us for pricing and availability.


  • Do you sell full whisky casks?    Yes.  You can purchase a full whisky cask and we can bottle and ship the product to you with your own label.  Please visit this link to request more information.


  • What is the difference between single malt whisky and Scotch?  The word "Scotch" refers to single malt whisky made in Scotland.  Even if a product has the same ingredients and process, it can not be called Scotch unless it is made in Scotland.  Hence Glen Breton is NOT Scotch, it is a Canadian single malt whisky.


  • Where and how is Glen Breton whisky aged?  Glen Breton is made in our distillery in Glenville, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.  It is aged in once used American oak bourbon barrels.  We were the first single malt whisky distillery in North America.


  • What ingredients used to make Glen Breton Rare whisky?    There are three ingredients - barley, yeast and water.