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Glen Breton

Glen Breton Battle of the Glen 15 Year Old- 750ml

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  • Glen Breton Battle of the Glen 15 Year Old- 750ml


2011 Gold Medal Winner | Best of the World Single Malt 13 Years and Over - Whisky Magazine

When the Scotch Whisky Association launched its lawsuit against Glenora Distillery in 2000, shortly after the release of its first bottling proudly called "Glen Breton Rare", a media frenzy soon followed in newspapers, magazines, and in online newsletters, forums, and blogs.  North America's only Single Malt Whisky distillery was a hot topic amongst the whisky and local cultural communities. 

Upon victory in the summer of 2009 it was decided to dedicate a bottling to celebrate this epic battle so fittingly called the "Battle of the Glen.” The packaging features some of the many press clippings that appeared throughout the world.



Colour: A rare dissolution of gold - at break of dawn, the first brushing of the sun upon the snow-covered lakes of the Bras d’Or;

Nose: Subtle, summer-cut applewood, with undertones of Highland honey; Taste Taking by surprise, come the waves of malt, powerful, but without overbearing, then a complex orchard of flavour;

Finish: Rich, almost lubricious mouthfeel, The malt withdraws into heat, resolving into the warm caress of an enduring companion, Peat character is very subtle - rather wisps of hardwood smoke, evoking memories of autumn leaves;

Balance: The play between lightness of the whisky and the strength of the malt is a work of harmony and mystery.

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6 Reviews

  • 5

    Very good drink, actually excellent. We had bought a bottle when we went to the distillery for a gift and we ordered another to give to another person as a gift. Thank you for producing such a great drink.

    Posted by Ronald Brochu on 2022 Oct 31st

    Same as review subject.

  • 5

    Battle of the Glen 15 yr old

    Posted by Pat Nowak on 2022 Sep 2nd

    This particular purchase was a gift for my son.l.Have forwarded this email to him so he may provide you with a proper response. Cheers

  • 5

    Battle of the Glen

    Posted by Rob Cruickshank on 2022 Jun 5th

    Great story (Battle of the Glen). Great scotch. I am not a fan of peat. Love a smooth scotch. I rank this up there with the best. Hope you never run out.

  • 5

    Gift for becoming partner

    Posted by Mike Turner on 2021 Dec 6th

    Easy to purchase, shipping was timely and with extra insurance was no worries. Also gift was well received!

  • 4

    Battle of the Glen 15yr.

    Posted by Todd Cook on 2021 Jun 30th

    Like Nectar for the gods! I'm not a fan of heavy peaty or smokey tastes and a Special occasion imbiber Only. This is one Beautiful Single malt and from my Home! Todd Cook (away) Big Pond, Glengarry Valley.

  • 4

    Battler of the Glen

    Posted by Robert Cruickshank on 2020 Dec 3rd

    Have loved this whisky since I tasted it on our tour of your facility. Not a big fan of peaty scotch so this fits the bill. I would say comparatively it is slightly over-priced (that's why it isn't rated a 5) but welcome to Canada. Hope you have good stock left.

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