Glen Breton Rare - Canada's Oldest Single Malt Whisky

Glen Breton Ice - 10 Year old - - 750ml- 43% Alc/vol

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  • Glen Breton Ice single malt whisky aged in ice wine barrels - 750ml
  • Glen Breton Ice - 10 Year old -  - 750ml- 43% Alc/vol
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2021 Gold Medal Winner | New York International Spirits Competition

Glen Breton Ice is our single malt whisky finished in an ice wine barrel. At the suggestion from a Glen Breton fan, Glenora approached Jost Vineyards, an award wining Nova Scotia winery, requesting to use one of their oak barrels once used for their Ortega Ice Wine to finish one of Glenora's cask strength whiskies.  With the partnership in place the experiment began. 

Because ice wine is powerful in its own unique way Glenora tasted the whisky each day as it picked up trace hints of sweetness and fruit from the grape.  After 4 months it was felt that the ideal finish was achieved.

750ml- 43% Alc/vol  

Glen Breton Rare Ice 10 Yr:

Nose: Honey, Cinnamon, Apple, Vanilla

Palate: Grape Peel, Sweet Apple, Vanilla, Hazelnuts, Spice

Finish: Lingering Cherry, Wine, Ginger, Cedar    

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    10 Y-O Glen Breton Ice

    Posted by Jacinthe Lamontagne on 2021 Dec 13th

    Uniquely delicious! Must be why a lot of distilleries are copying the ice wine barrels idea. Well done, you trailblazers you!

  • 5
    Re review

    Posted by Guy Rancourt on 2021 Nov 1st

    I commented on this before Last January took along time to get which I blame on Canada post now.I have updated my review on this whiskey.All I can say was it was smooth great like all the other whiskey’s I’ve bought from Glen Breton will buy again maybe for Christmas 2021.Keep up the good work.

  • 5
    Glen Breton 10yr ice

    Posted by Rino on 2021 May 25th

    Bought the 10-12 and 19 yr ice wine whiskey and they are to die for. Each is individual this one was very nice

  • 1
    Poor delivery

    Posted by Guy Rancourt on 2021 Jan 29th

    Order this product Jan 15 still have not received

  • 4
    Glen Breton Ice 10 year

    Posted by Fraser on 2020 Sep 8th

    Great whiskey and one of my favourites from this distiller. I love the flag ship 10 year but the ice wine finish adds a touch more sweetness to the base 10 year. It does not over power the base 10 but compliments it nicely. Well balanced, with a creamy base of malted barley, honey, apple juice with boiled sweets and hard candy.

  • 4
    Glen Breton Ice

    Posted by Joel Carleton on 2020 Sep 8th

    Very clean, crisp and light yet still bold and smooth.

  • 5
    Better “Scotch” whiskey you will not find. Like velvet!

    Posted by Denny on 2020 Sep 8th

    Better “Scotch-type” whiskey you will not find. Like velvet!

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